How to easily differentiate a website and a web page?

You have heard of something like website and web page which all seem to be so popular nowadays but what is exact definition of each?


In short, a website may contain a lot of web pages. Simply, you can imagine that pages are children of a mother called a website. However, only one webpage exists in case it includes all the information which is enough to search and present for viewers and landing page is a kind of website that has one web page. For example, landing page is available when you want to concentrate on a particular product or service such as an event, a property, a course, a book,… in only one page in order to persuade customers buying it there.

There are various type of information in a website for many searching purposes of people with different demands while a web page is made for only one product or request.

Thiết kế website tại Nghệ An

Is this a website or a web page? (a web page)

Web page classification

Web pages are sorted out into many kinds:

  • Blog page
  • Landing page
  • Cart page
  • ..vv..

HTML codes are main factors which makes a web page while browser functions as a interpreter them into images, contents, structure and presenter to people. You can easily understand if you click on a web page -> view source then a table of codes which is HTML appears.

Importance of differentiation

It is not website but the most related web pages which will be on a list as a result when you use a keyword to find related information in google because google is set to bring appropriate content to you. So, try to make sure that you won’t be confused with these two definitions especially when you work in marketing online field. Basic mistakes can lead to a serious consequence and incident, may be.

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Thiết kế website tại Nghệ An




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